Thursday, August 7, 2014


August 7, day 7.

There have been some great moments in the last few days.  I've gone out to lunch with my dad, made dinner with my wife, held my new nephew, walked to work in the sunshine, had great sex.  ;)

AND...I've watched tv.  We decided to order pizza to be delivered and sit on the couch tonight.  With the tv on.  Yep.  TV.  Exactly what my challenge is about NOT doing.  Do I feel a little guilty?  Well, I did.  But then I started multitasking: I practiced my Thai Reflexology on Haley's perfect little feet.  I love learning about reflexology and the idea that the bottoms of the feet are a map for the rest of the body.  I can stimulate organs and body systems by pressing certain points on the toes, heels, everywhere in between, tops of the feet, and even ankles.  Awesome.

But then practice was over, pizza got here, and the tv is still on.  Sometimes, this is exactly how Haley and I just relax, let go of a stressful day, cuddle.  Sometimes, this is intimate time together.  We hold hands, talk about our days, pet the pups, discuss news, plan for tomorrow, dream about the day after that. 

So, no, I don't feel guilty about breaking my challenge tonight. 

Tomorrow, however, is day 8.  And there is always more housecleaning to be done!

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