Friday, August 1, 2014

Challenge Day 1!

It begins!  August 1st, challenge day 1.

I'm reducing my tv-watching to 2 hours a week.  No wasting time online with Facebook, Reddit, Stumble, etc.  No wasting time on my phone with games and such nonsense!

Now, that doesn't mean no internet at all.  I'll still use Facebook for communication purposes, along with email.  I'll be online every day (hopefully) to write a short blog about this challenge.

...I'm nervous.

Can I say that?

But, ultimately, I'm excited.  And this is called a challenge for a reason: it is going to be difficult for me.  But I have a game plan, at  least for today.  I need to clean my kitchen, make some homemade vegetable juice, take the dogs on a walk, call my mom, and take a few deep breaths!  I'll be removing all the unnecessary apps from my phone, at least so they're no so easily accessed.  I have plans to reorganize and put away all our movies.  And I'm sure my bookshelf will get a little more attention.

I know this month is going to do me some good.  Perhaps I'll pick up a new hobby.  Maybe I'll do some massage marketing and gain a few more clients.  Make a new friend.  De-stress.  At the very least, I'll have so many more ideas about how to spend my time, my house should be clean and I'll have spent more quality time with Haley, my love.  :)

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