Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wet Puppies

August 6, day 6.

Have you ever witnessed a couple of dogs who are terrified of the water?  Yesterday was a whole new kind of adventure for our little family!  I have two dogs: a three-year-old chihuahua/shit zhu mix and a five-year-old cavalier.  The former is Molly, at 17 lbs with bug eyes and teeth that stick out.  The latter is Charlie, at about 35 lbs and hair to spare.  They are our babies.  We do almost everything with them.  We take them to the store, they have access to all our furniture, we spoil them with pureed pumpkin, and we buy them really awesome stuff jackets! 

I knew that neither of them would necessarily LIKE the river, but every dog owner's gotta have their fun, right?  Here's how it went: put on life jacket, attach leash, pick up petrified dog, walk out into the water.  By the time their cute little paws hit the cold, they were frantically swimming - even when not actually in the water.  This, for your information, is hilarious!  After a few attempts, we realized it was probably more traumatizing than fun, so we called it quits and opted to chase all the geese instead.  :) 

What a day!  And I think I'd rather take a family trip to the river than sit on the couch all day - even though my puppies would probably have a different opinion.

Today probably holds more house cleaning, juice-making, grocery shopping, and perhaps a little bit of boredom - if I'm to be completely honest.  We got Haley up and out the door to work and now the house is quiet, except for the hum of my computer.

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